First look: Warhammer Forge Basilisk

So Warhammer Forge have releases yet another monster for Warhammer. Behold the Basilisk

My first thoughts on the model is it looks great if a bit like an Iguana.

The rules are interesting. An 18″ sniper attack and a way to cause extra wounds in combat could make this quite a multipurpose beastie in Storm of Magic games.

My only complaint is that there’s no painted model on the site.

Happy Hobbying

The Filth and The Fluff

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Painting a Plague Toad

I went to Gamesday in 2010 and whilst I was there I purchased one of Forge Worlds new Plague Toads.

Now said toad sat and festered in my pile of unpainted models for over a year until the other day I decided to paint him.

I’ve gone with a different scheme to Warhammer Forge so I thought I’d share it with you.

To begin with I basecoated the model Knarloc Green. I then picked out some of the boils with Bubonic Brown and Merchite red. I added some Talaharn Flesh to the mouth and Dheneb Stone to the horns.

Next came the washes. Everything but the bone was washed with GW’s purple and green wash. Then I washed the entire model with Gryphone Sepia followed by good old Devlan mud.


I think you’ll agree its a simple yet effective color scheme.

I can go back and highlight back up if I want to, although I like the dark effect on Nurgle models.

I’ve also got the Plague Rider assembled and I’ll get him painted up at some point.

So what do you guys think?


Happy Hobbying

The Filth and THe Fluff

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Blood in the Badlands starting night.

I’ve just got back from the starting evening of our Blood in the Badlands campaign and I’m pleased to say we all turned up, we all brought army markers and we all have made our initial challenges. Now that’s an amazing achievement for eight wargammers!

I must say the map that has been made up is brilliant.

I think it perfectly captures the Badlands.

I’ve also got my campaign markers made.

I hope you can see the Nurgle theme there. And speaking of Nurgle my general turned up in the post today.

As this is a fluff based campaign I’m taking a less than optimal general. It’s going to be this guy.

I think you’ll agree this is a wonderful model from Warhammer Forge and at £25 I thought very reasonably priced as well. I can’t wait to put him together.

In my first game of the campaign I’ve challenged High Elves in their fortress tile so it’ll be interesting to see how Blattern the Pox Scarred manages against those funny smelling pointy eared elves.

Happy Hobbying

The Filth and The FLuff

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The Rise of Blattern the Pox Scarred

Blattern the Pox Scarred rode at the head of his army upon Faulnis his Rot Beast. For over a decade his warband had grown in size and status as they roamed the Northern Wastes spreading the warm touch of Papa Nurgle. Infecting the weak and converting the strong to the Plague Fathers side.

But Blattern knew that great as his deeds were a life in the wastes did not lead to Daemon hood. So it was that on the Geheimnisanct he had gathered his most loyal and devoted followers together and his Chaos Sorcerers had begun their sacrifices to bring the wisdom of the Plague Father upon them.

It was after the third Tzeentch lord had been slaughtered and whilst the first of Khorne’s great warriors was being sacrificed that the Plague Father came. Three massively mutated Bile Trolls were in the process of ripping the Khorne lord limb from limb when a massive pustule on the ones shoulder burst showering Blattern in the vilest puss Nurgle could devise.

The plague in the puss immediately began to wrack Blattern’s system. Even his Nurgle dedicated body struggled to deal with such vibrant disease.

On the third day Blattern fell into a fever so high that the water his Sorcerrors poured onto his armour to cool him turned immediately to steam. It was then that the Plague Father spoke to him.

He saw a land far away and a magical fortress capable of flight. Blattern saw his retinue in the fortress flying over all that was pure of the Empire and infecting it all with their own filth. He saw himself flying not in the fortress but alongside it a Plague winged Daemon of his beloved father.

On the fourth day his fever broke and Blattern ordered they break camp. Now almost a year later they had fought their way to the Badlands infecting as they went and now ahead of them lay their prize.


I’m starting a Blood in the Badlands inspired (read pretty much straight out of the book) campaign on Friday and this is my starting fluff. I’ll be posting more about Blattern over the coming months.

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A New Year Resolution

Ok lets start with the obvious point, it’s nearly the end of January. Now my wife and I decided not to make any New Year Resolutions on the 1st of January this year. After all January is a shit month and lets face it you’re going to break them. So this year our New Year resolutions start in February.

So what are mine?

Well there’s the usual get fit and lose weight one.

There’s the get a new job one, I’m almost certainly being made redundant on Friday 13th of April (very apt timing I thought).

But more importantly what are my hobby related goals for the year ahead?

First off I want to start blogging again (well that ones ticked of then). I enjoy writing about my hobby but last year I think I burned out by trying to run what I thought of as a ‘proper’ blog that I updated regularly. If I’m honest looking back alot of my blog posts from last year were blogging for the sake of blogging because I wanted to lots of people visiting my blog.

That just led to me burning out and giving up on the blog all together. So my aim this year is simple quality over quantity. With that in mind I’m aiming for a blog post a month, that’s plenty of time to do something worth blogging about.

Secondly I want to stick to one army for a descent period of time. Since 8th edition Warhammer came out I’ve played Orcs and Goblins (old book), Tomb Kings (old book), Skaven, Tomb Kings (new book). In part its because I’ve been looking for an army to match my play style but mainly it’s a case of “Oh Shiny” kicking in. So my aim is to primarily stick with one army this year and that army is Warriors of Chaos.

Thirdly I want to get a fully painted army on the table. That’s going to be my WoC. I’ve already got 2000 points painted to tournament minimum for a local tournie next Sunday so my aim is to get these fully painted make the army up to 2400 pts and go from there.

Fourthly I want to attend some tournaments this year. As I mentioned I’m at a local tournament on Sunday, the 2012 Yorkshire Open, and I’ve already got a ticket booked for A Gathering of Might VIII but I want to get to at least one 2400 pt tournament this year.

And last but not least I want to get some more hobby into my hobby. I’m starting this next Friday when I’m kicking of a Blood in the Badlands campaign with my friends so there will be plenty of updates on that over the coming months.

So there we have my plans for the year, I think they’re all achievable. I’m off now to paint some more models and make some objective markers for the campaign.

Happy Hobbying

The Filth and The Fluff

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Goodbye for now

I started this blog as an experiment. I wanted to see if anyone would actually want to read what I’d written and to experiment with, for want of a better word, “marketing” myself over the interweb.

I’ve been, I think, successful on both counts and I’ve had fun doing it. And I’ve also come to realise that running a successful blog takes hard work and dedication which has given me a lot more respect for you guys out there who have been blogging away for years.

Unfortunately I have to face some hard truths. I’m facing either redundancy or being brought out at work and my private life is in turmoil. Which means my hobby time for the forseeable future is limited and I have more than enough stress and pressure in my life; and trying to blog regularly was adding to that pressure.

So what am I saying. Well I’m not going to stop the blog but I am going to stop trying to blog. What that means in practice is I’m sure at some point in the future I’ll feel the urge to post something, afterall I still game as regularly as I can and I’ll want to show off my Tomb Kings once they’re finished. But I am going to stop blogging regularly.

So as the title says, its goodbye for now.

Until next time

Happy Hobbying

THe Filth and The Fluff

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Sunday Night Ramblings is Back

So Sunday Night Ramblings is back. I’m going to change the format of these posts slightly and use it to look back at everything I’ve done in the last week of the hobby including reviews of anything I’ve watched, read, listened to hobby related that I think is wort sharing with others.

So let’s start off with what have I listened to this week?

Well I started by listening to Episode 33 of Garage Hammer.

Which as ever was a fantastic well put together show. At the moment I’m particularly liking the reviews of all the Special Characters in Warhammer as it’s something I think we have a tendency to overlook.

Next of my Ipod was Podhammer Episode 94

Now these guys have got a lot of stick this year for going off topic and over to the otherside that is Warmachine. Personally I’ve never had a problem with their rants about aspects of Warhammer and their coverage of the Australian price rise and import restrictions was some of the most balanced pieces of podcasting I’ve heard in a long time. This episode mainly features a round up of the Castle Assault tournament as well as their usual banter. A word of warning this is 18+ material.

Thats nearly 6 hours of podcast this week. I’m also part way through another but I’ll cover that next week.

Video wise I got a half hour on Friday whilst wrapping presents for the wifes birthday to watch some youtube. This week I went for two unboxing videos for Ogres

I must say I’m amazed at the level of detail on these new models, you start to see why you’re paying so much for them.

So lets talk blogs. I love blogs me (hence this err.. blog) they’re a great source of inspiration and information. So which ones have particularly stood out for me this week?

First up was @docbungles review of Blu Stuff, as someone who likes to convert and give my armies a unique feel I’m always on the look out for something new to help me.

Next up we have @Risk_Dude’s The Triple Helix Project, what I’m enjoying on here at the moment is his discussion of the fluff for his Warrior of Chaos characters and how it’s fleshing out his army, an inspiration for us all.

And finally for now @Warpstoned’s blog post about taking a non internet friendly Skaven list to his next tournament should be an inspiration to all of us with rodent tendencies.

So hobby wise what have I achieved?

Well my skeleton horde is coming on slowly and I’m hoping to have it ready for painting by this time next week. And other than that life I’m afraid has once again got in the way.

I hope you like this new layout and I’d be interested to know your thoughts on it.

Happy Hobbying

The Filth and The Fluff

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